How do I apply?

Applications for assistance must be made on the appropriate form obtainable from the Clerk to the Trustees.  Please email to receive one of the following forms:

  • Individual Application Form WORD DOCUMENT
  • Corporate Application Form WORD DOCUMENT
  • Further Funding Application Form WORD DOCUMENT

If you have previously received funding from St Matthias you will need to complete the FURTHER FUNDING form.

Guidance notes will be sent with the forms but please note that it is up to the applicant to complete all parts of the form and  (apart from Corporate applications) to gather and submit all the accompanying references and reports.  No applications can be processed unless all the information is submitted by the deadline.

 The “declaration of intent” and the “privacy notice” both require the applicant’s agreement by signature and unsigned applications will not be considered.

The Trustees consider applications at two meetings each year.  Applications should reach the Clerk by 31st May (for consideration in July) or 30th September (for consideration in November).

Please note that our preferance is to receive applications electronically:

  • Electronic applications can only be accepted if submitted in one legible document  and include all the questions/pages on the application form (Word or PDF document);
  • An electronic signature or at least full name of the applicant must be entered in the “signature field” to ensure that consent is given for processing.

Please note that applications received after the deadline will not be processed and incomplete applications cannot be considered (all questions must be answered – including questions 8a and 8b.  Please ensure that you have provided enough information for the Trustees to assess your application).

Applications should be for the current study year only and not for the whole course.  Please ensure that your application is appropriately timed, as the Trustees are not able to make retrospective grants.

Please note that the Trustees make the decisions about the applications during the meeting and the administrative team for the Trust is unable to confirm if the Trustees will support your application. We always advise applicants to apply to as many trusts as possible, as funding is not guaranteed and often, if given, is not for the full amount requested.

You may wish to check for details of like-minded trusts and foundations to which you may be able to apply.

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