Who can apply for assistance?

The Trust is governed by a Scheme, made by the Charity Commissioners, which allows the Trustees to make grants within certain specified terms of reference.  Consideration will be given only to those applications which relate specifically to the governing Scheme.  Individuals and institutions may apply.

The object of the charity is the advancement of education with a preference for higher and further education; such education contributing to the advancement of the Church of England, in particular through the following means:

  • The education and training of persons who are, or intend to become, engaged in social welfare work as social workers, community workers, youth workers, teachers, supervisors or pre-school groups or otherwise;
  • The education and training of persons intending to become ministers of the Church of England or of a Church in communion therewith;
  • The study of music or other arts subject to the main object of the charity.

Studies such as law, medicine, nursing, engineering and veterinary would not usually be considered.

As mentioned above these must be contributing to the advancement of the Church of England.

Preference is also given to applicants from the dioceses of Bath and Wells, Bristol and Gloucester; this does not preclude applicants from elsewhere.

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