Due to the current COVID19 emergency Trustees are not able to confirm when they will next be able to consider applications. 

The next deadline to apply is 30th September.  Whilst usually hardcopy applications have to be received by then, this year electronic applications are also accepted.  Please follow the important guidelines below if you wish to send an electronic application:
-electronic applications can only be accepted if submitted in one legible document  and include all the questions/pages on the application form (Word or PDF document);
-an electronic signature or at least full name of the applicant must be entered in the “signature field” to ensure that consent is given for processing.

Please note that applications received after the deadline will not be processed and incomplete applications cannot be considered (all questions must be answered – including questions 8a and 8b.  Please ensure that you have provided enough information for the Trustees to assess your application).

To download the application form please go to the “Grants” section on the main panel, then click on the “How do I apply” page.

The Foundation of St Matthias is a trust, formed following the closure and sale of the College of St Matthias in 1979.  The College was a Church of England College of Education but following a decline in the birth-rate and a reduction in the number of teachers required for training, the then Secretary of State for Education and Science requested that the college be closed.  The assets were sold and the income invested to form a trust fund.

The Foundation’s primary objective is the advancement of education in the Dioceses of Bath & Wells, Bristol and Gloucester, with a preference for higher and further education; such education contributing to the advancement of the Church of England.

Applications for standard grants must reach the Foundation of St Matthias by 31st May (for consideration in July) or 30th September (for consideration in November).

The process to apply for scholarships is different and further information can be found in the scholarships section.

Please note that studies such as law, medicine, nursing, engineering and veterinary would not usually be considered.